Importation MasterClass | Femi Adetayo

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Here is a list of the things that you will learn:

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Why are we doing this?

Because we have been in your shoes, and we know what it's like being used and duped all in a bid to create something for oneself. We are doing this to give back to the society by showing the people how to fish, instead of sharing fish. We are doing this as our own contribution to national development. If the country will grow, the people must first grow.

About the Facilitator:

Have you ever suffered? Then you will understand Femi Adetayo's story. Femi Adetayo is from a lower class Nigerian family that could only provide what they really needed for themselves. He was always used to taking the cheapest option not because he was miserly, but because that was what he could afford, up until 4 (four) years ago.

He decided to go into business four years ago when he saw that garri was cheaper in Ondo state (where he studied), compared to Lagos. From food stuffs, he moved into Made in Naija shoe and belt business. He was only able to break even with these. Despite the hard work, he was still struggling. He wanted more. He needed more. So, he decided to sell more fashion items from known brands because they were in higher demand. He bought from Wholesalers and resold with a little profit for himself. It still wasn't enough.

He was so curious to know how the wholesalers got the products and were making so much money. He tried so hard to learn but he lost a lot of money going the wrong way, and paying the wrong people. He was used and duped over and over. He didn't give up until he found the right channel! When he did, he invested both time and money into learning how to import goods from various countries of the world himself without using middlemen or agents. THIS WAS HIS BIG BREAK!!

Since Femi Adetayo started importing directly from international suppliers, his business began to boom. He learnt more about business and now he owns luxury fashion stores across Lagos. One on the mainland, and two others on the Island. Today, Femi Adetayo is a Premium Luxury Fashion Shopper, who has made millions and millions of naira from his fast growing business. He has given himself to teaching and equipping Nigerians will profitable skillset that can eradicate poverty in their lineage.

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